Komen Cost for the Cure

13 Apr

Image by: Barbara Boxer

The Susan G. Komen crisis occurred when the organization decided to cut grant funding to Planned Parenthood for concerns that the money was being spent on abortions instead of breast screening services. Komen placed itself in a very problematic situation once it became publicly involved in the abortion conflict. With very strong support or opposition on the issue, Komen lost the pro-abortion public when it cut financial assistance to Planned Parenthood; however, when it reversed its decision the anti-abortionists, whom may not have even been aware that Komen supported Planned Parenthood, were outraged when Kormen reversed its decision about cutting the financial help.

The reputation repair strategies that Komen used mostly resemble a combination of reminder, denial and apology. For starters, the reminder reputation repair strategy was used when Mrs. Brinker, Komen CEO,  had an interview where she stated the mission statement, of the Susan G. Kormen Foundation.  Also during the same interview she mentioned the reversal of the action making it seem as if there was no problem or crisis, which plays a factor in the denial reputation repair strategy. In the apology reputation repair strategy a “crisis manager indicates the organization takes full responsibility for the crisis and asks stakeholders for forgiveness.” That is exactly what Nancy Brinker did when she made the following statement, “We want to apologize to the American public for recent decisions that cast doubt upon our commitment to our mission of saving women’s lives. The events of this week have been deeply unsettling for our supporters, partners and friends and all of us at Susan G. Komen.”

This specific crisis is very controversial because it involves an issue where individuals take very strong pro or anti stances. The decision to cut grant funding towards Planned Parenthood because it was “under investigation” would have been controversial no matter what, but what would have helped the Komen Foundation is if they had been the ones to release the news to the public instead of having Planned Parenthood be the first to report it. Another aspect that would have helped Komen is if they had included the budgeting plans of the previous year,  so those who are anti-abortion individuals could see that only a small portion of the grant budget was spent on Planned Parenthood. The  backlash Komen received after its reversal could have been minimized. For example, if they had been aware that Komen only spent $700,000 for Planned Parenthood of the $93 million budget for grants available, they would have been more understanding. However, all of the other aspects of the reputation repair strategies used by Komen were done well and in a professional and proper process.



5 Apr

Hollywood fights Internet protests with... TV ad, billboard, radio spot

Image by Nate Anderson

The introduction of the bills SOPA and PIPA triggered an almost instantaneous reaction among my friends on Facebook. Clearly, Hollywood and the Music Industry should prioritize on communicating a message to the 18 to 24 year old college students. For the most part being a college student consists of second guessing everything you are told and really questioning the credentials of basically anything and everything, especially when it will have an effect on how an individual will come to receive entertainment.

It comes as no surprise that most of the college students that I know were opposed to the ideas that SOPA and PIPA had to offer. However those who cried that these bills are meant to limit the freedom of speech must understand the difference between freedom of speech and illegal acts of piracy. Yes, freedom of speech is an important right but once it is taken too far it becomes slander and illegal. So like slander, downloading anything that has a copyright attached to is illegal. Freedom of speech on the internet has escalated into including pirated content; therefore like slander it should be illegal to have such a freedom when it causes more harm than good. It is important to communicate that having free things is convenient, but just because it’s convenient doesn’t make it right.

Another focus for communication could be the opinions of artist whose content has been out there for free.  It would be important to communicate with them and let them know that something is being done to help prevent crime against illegal entertainment. For these artists, who dedicate their lives to entertaining others, it is not fair to have their life work infringed. It would also be a good idea to perhaps try and get some artist involved in the SOPA and PIPA movement. For those who would argue, but they already have enough money why should we pay them for songs or movies? The answer is simple, because it is illegal and morally wrong. If we don’t keep up the laws of morality here, where else is it okay to let our morals and ethics go? With every illegal crime we condone, the social construct falls apart because there is no support for morality.

SOPA and PIPA legitimatize that copyright infringement is a serious crime taking place every single day and prevention is absolutely necessary. The best means of communicating this message is through the means of Public Relations because after all the concentration of PR is communication of ideas to different publics.

3 Golden Rules of a Twitter Campaign

5 Apr

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Using a Social Media Campaign is essential for any business that is attempting to be successful in the 21st Century. However if a company is not careful about the way they choose to display their message there can be a large counterattack on the product or the effort of the corporation. Here are some guidelines that could help prevent negative responses to twitter campaigns and help generate positive relations among a target audience and the corporation.

First suggestion is to use hash tags that will generate positive and fun interaction between an audience and a celebrity. For example, the hash tag “JayZSyncShow” is quite attention grabbing to any of his millions of fans because it features a high profile celebrity and has the word “show” incorporated in the hash tag. Because of  Jay Z’s large following any of his fans that view this hash tag are compelled to see what the buzz is and perhaps to be involved in the “show” as well. The fun interaction is that anyone could tweet a song name and maybe get their favorite rapper to play the song they wanted to hear. However the much larger picture of this campaign is the merging between Twitter and American Express. Now that is a campaign well executed!

Second suggestion is to help a good cause using your twitter campaign. For example, CNN and Ashton Kutcher were in a  race for who would be the first to get a million followers; Ashton Kutcher came to the conclusion that donating 10,000 nets would be a persuasive way to get followers but what really went is the use of clever campaign in order to get followers on board to helping prevent malaria in Senegal.

Third suggestion is to use humor in your twitter campaign. For example, old spice engaged their audience to tweet and possibly get a hilarious response from the old spice guy. This campaign surely increased sales of old spice when it first appeared on the social media outlets. The truth is people need an outlet for long days and nothing helps like a little humor that you can find on twitter.

If a twitter campaign goes wrong the best thing to do is to remove the negative campaign and come up with a new more effective one. For instance, the McDonalds Campaign that backfired was quickly removed and controlled. That example is exactly why you should be careful with your words, especially when the whole world can see it.