3 Golden Rules of a Twitter Campaign

5 Apr

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Using a Social Media Campaign is essential for any business that is attempting to be successful in the 21st Century. However if a company is not careful about the way they choose to display their message there can be a large counterattack on the product or the effort of the corporation. Here are some guidelines that could help prevent negative responses to twitter campaigns and help generate positive relations among a target audience and the corporation.

First suggestion is to use hash tags that will generate positive and fun interaction between an audience and a celebrity. For example, the hash tag “JayZSyncShow” is quite attention grabbing to any of his millions of fans because it features a high profile celebrity and has the word “show” incorporated in the hash tag. Because of  Jay Z’s large following any of his fans that view this hash tag are compelled to see what the buzz is and perhaps to be involved in the “show” as well. The fun interaction is that anyone could tweet a song name and maybe get their favorite rapper to play the song they wanted to hear. However the much larger picture of this campaign is the merging between Twitter and American Express. Now that is a campaign well executed!

Second suggestion is to help a good cause using your twitter campaign. For example, CNN and Ashton Kutcher were in a  race for who would be the first to get a million followers; Ashton Kutcher came to the conclusion that donating 10,000 nets would be a persuasive way to get followers but what really went is the use of clever campaign in order to get followers on board to helping prevent malaria in Senegal.

Third suggestion is to use humor in your twitter campaign. For example, old spice engaged their audience to tweet and possibly get a hilarious response from the old spice guy. This campaign surely increased sales of old spice when it first appeared on the social media outlets. The truth is people need an outlet for long days and nothing helps like a little humor that you can find on twitter.

If a twitter campaign goes wrong the best thing to do is to remove the negative campaign and come up with a new more effective one. For instance, the McDonalds Campaign that backfired was quickly removed and controlled. That example is exactly why you should be careful with your words, especially when the whole world can see it.


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